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Scottish Self-Determination

The Union

Ever wondered how the UK actually came about? It was an English takeover. Forced upon Scotland by an army at the border and voted through the Scottish Parliament by a bunch of hard-up aristocrats who were only too happy to take England’s bribes. An England with whom we shared a king but who’d actively and savagely sabotaged our colonial trade.

And what of the people when they found out what had been done? They rioted in the streets.

How The Union Came To Be

In 1707, Scotland and England forged the Treaty of Union to make the ‘United Kingdom’. Why? Why would Scotland do this? Only 400 years after the Declaration of Arbroath and we just ‘voluntarily’ gave up our independence? Aye, right.

Claim of Right

The Claim Of Right In 1689, an act was passed by the Scottish parliament. It was called the Claim of Right. It set out in statute an ancient right of the people to limit the power of their government and is often referred to as the Scottish Constitution. If you have...