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Scottish Self-Determination

How The UK Came To Be

For hundreds of years before 1707, the independent country of Scotland knew what it was about. Had its own parliament, currency, trade routes and everything. Its parliament was controlled by the people.

And then we ‘voluntarily’ just gave all that up? Why? What possessed us to do such a thing?

The Run Up To The Union

We were an independent nation, one of the oldest in Europe. Older than England, to be sure. But we’re not independent anymore. Why?
Here’s the lead up to the theft of our independence.

The Capturing of Scotland

The union of Scotland and England in 1707 was no joyous, glorious merger of two countries. It was an English takeover designed to shackle then plunder Scotland

We Have Catch’d Scotland

After the passing of the Acts of Union, England was very pleased with itself, as well it might. At a stroke, Scotland had gone from international competitor to a rich new resource, ripe for exploitation.

The Darien Venture

Scotland’s attempt to form a colony in Panama could not be allowed to succeed. Whether they shared a king or not, Scotland would not be allowed to get in the way of England’s empire and Darien was deliberately sabotaged by the East India Company and the Royal Navy.