Let’s be a normal country. Let’s not ask. Sign the Edinburgh Proclamation

Scottish Self-Determination

Escape from the UK

It’s not as hard as you think. We don’t need a ‘gold standard’ referendum granted by the UK government. In fact, we don’t need to ask anybody for permission.

All we need say is that we no longer want to be part of the UK. That being in this Union doesn’t work for us. So we’re leaving. And that’s it. That’s all we need to do.

How to become a normal country again

Stop asking for a Section 30 order. Stop asking for another referendum. You won’t get it but you don’t need it anyway. We need to stop asking and take our independence.

The Only Route to Freedom

There is no route to ending the union that involves the British government. None. Our only route to freedom from the union is by declaring we’re leaving. Taking, not asking.

The Claim of Right

The Claim of Right was an act passed in 1689 in Scotland that affirmed the power of the people over governments and monarchs. It guaranteed the sovereignty of the Scottish people. It guarantees our sovereignty still.

The Edinburgh Proclamation

In Edinburgh on 1st September 2022, outside the new British state’s offices before an assembly of 100 people, Neale Hanvey MP read out the¬†Edinburgh Proclamation¬†and gave notice to the UK government to quit Scotland. The Edinburgh Proclamation is a declaration that sovereignty of the Scottish people is absolute and indefeasible.

The Section 30 Trap

Asking for a Section 30 order for a second referendum is not only pointless but ensures that the UK will win again. Why would we place our destiny in the hands of the very union that we seek to leave?