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Scottish Self-Determination

Scotland in the union

England lost no time in dominating Scotland, starting with the forced depopulation of the highlands after Culloden and continuing today with the blatent theft of our oil and our green electricity revenues.

Hundreds of millions of pounds flow south every day to the London while our people struggle with the cost of living and heating their homes.

The treaty of union turned Scotland into a colony.

Welcome to the colony of Scotland

What are we if not a colony of the British State? We are outvoted on everything, Brexit being a case in point. Dragging Scotland out of the EU against our will contravened the Treaty of Union itself but the British State doesn’t care. What England wants, England gets. Scotland has no say.

What the UK thinks about us

In 1706, the English parliament laughed out loud as it claimed it had Scotland on the rack and viewed the Scottish MPs for the new union parliament with contempt. Nothing has changed. In fact it’s got worse. The UK government steals the revenue from our natural resources and then laughs at the poverty is causes.

The Difference between the Scottish and English Crowns

You’ve been hoodwinked by the British State. There isn’t just ‘a crown’ in the the UK, there are two. And the Scottish Crown isn’t owned by a king that’s administered by the British Government. It’s owned by us, the Scottish people.

The Theft of Scotland’s Resources

As soon as the ink was dry on the treaty and the acts of union passed, England turned its greedy eyes north. Scotland was now a rich resource to be plundered by the new British State.