Scottish Self-Determination

The Theft of Scotland’s Resources

In the 1970s, the SNP ran a campaign called “It’s Scotland’s Oil”. The SNP might have lost its way now, but back in the seventies they were absolutely right on this: it was – and still is – Scotland’s Oil. And if it’s Scotland’s Oil, it’s also Scotland’s Oil Money.

So where is our money? Gobbled up and wasted by the British State, that’s where. And now the UK is coming for our renewable energy revenues. What a great resource Scotland is. Sitting there all tied up by the union while the British State steals what it wants and bungs us a few crumbs in exchange.

And that’s all Scotland means to the British State: a resource to be plundered and ransacked. The UK is committing a massive criminal fraud by pretending Scotland is an equal partner in a union while looting our natural resources and treating us as nothing more than a colony.

The union has been a cover for the stealing from Scotland since the 18th century and it’s still going on in the 21st century. Yet there’s nothing in the Treaty of Union that says that England or the British State can just take what they want from Scotland without so much as a by your leave. Nothing. And yet that’s exactly what happening.

The Treaty of Union was no union of equals. On the contrary, the union with England turned Scotland from an independent, internationally trading nation-state into a British colony, a colony that became the richest resource in the British Empire.

The Scotland that was once a country is now nothing but a colony to be looted, while the British State and its tame media laugh and sneer at our finances.

It’s time to change this. It’s time to end the union. And it’s time to get our money back.

The Darien Venture

Scotland’s attempt to form a colony in Panama could not be allowed to succeed. Whether they shared a king or not, Scotland would not be allowed to get in the way of England’s empire and Darien was deliberately sabotaged by the East India Company and the Royal Navy.