Dear Scotland: contemporary views on how and why the Union harms Scotland

Dear Scotland

What the UK doesn’t want you to know

The oleaginous Michael Gove was caught with his pants down at the Covid Enquiry in Edinburgh. After charging the Scottish Government with political opportunism, KC Jamie Dawson brandished Gove’s Cabinet paper, delivered just before Johnson parachuted into...

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How the Union has robbed the Scottish People

Since the 1707 Treaty of Union, Scotland’s wealth has been stolen and exploited by our larger “partner” in an ongoing act of colonisation. The definition of colonialism is economic exploitation by a dominant power that exercises political control over its colony. This...

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A Rogue in a Parcel O’ Them

The new Scottish Labour MP Michael Shanks will speak at the Scotland in Union Burns supper later this month. Quelle surprise.  During the by-election campaign Shanks said the constitutional debate was something ‘we have to completely...

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