Scottish Self-Determination

How to become a normal country again

To become a ‘normal’ country – you know, where we have control of over our own affairs like the economy, defence (join Nato or not), treaties and associations (join the EU or Efta), energy, borders, relationships with other countries and the UN, these kind of things and more – to have the controls, freedoms and choices that countries like Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the Netherlands take for granted, we need to leave the UK – the Union. 

Gold star for stating the obvious?

Of course, you might point out that we tried to leave the UK in 2014 and failed. But next time, oh next time, we’ll win. All we need is for the UK government to let us hold another referendum and we’d be off.

But is that really all we need? Would it really be the same as 2014? What if, next time, the British State imposed conditions before they ‘let’ us have another referendum? They could do easily. After all, they’re in charge.

What if these conditions were, say:

  1. Voters must 18 and over (not 16 and over as the last time)
  2. The winning margin must be 66% in favour of Yes, not 50%. Changing the UK is a big deal they’d say, so there needs to be a big majority in favour of change
  3. That 66% in favour must be 66% of the entire Scottish electorate and not just of those who vote. They’ve got form on this – in the 1979 referendum 40% of the entire electorate had to vote Yes, not just those who’d voted (we lost because of this)

Do you still think we’d win under conditions like these? If we complained that they weren’t fair, they’d sneer that we’re running scared. And if we did accept them, we’d get trounced, and that really would be it.

No, a re-run of the 2014 referendum – even if one were ‘granted’ – is never going to be the way out of the UK. The British State will simply not allow it. We will never get out of the UK by asking nicely. There has to be another way. Luckily for us, there is.

We need to take our freedom.

Take, don’t ask. That’s what this website is all about.

The Run Up To The Union

We were an independent nation, one of the oldest in Europe. Older than England, to be sure. But we’re not independent anymore. Why?
Here’s the lead up to the theft of our independence.

We Have Catch’d Scotland

After the passing of the Acts of Union, England was very pleased with itself, as well it might. At a stroke, Scotland had gone from international competitor to a rich new resource, ripe for exploitation.

The Darien Venture

Scotland’s attempt to form a colony in Panama could not be allowed to succeed. Whether they shared a king or not, Scotland would not be allowed to get in the way of England’s empire and Darien was deliberately sabotaged by the East India Company and the Royal Navy.