Scottish Self-Determination

Whit’s A’ This Aboot?

Aye, whit’s goin on? Ok, here’s what it is.

It’s about the position in which we find ourselves. Stuck in the UK with no way out. Unless, that is, the British state allows us another referendum. But even if they did agree that now was the time, it’d be their referendum. They’d call the shots and we’d lose.

This website is about not asking anymore. At least not asking the British state for anything. But there is one question that we do urge people to ask. And that’s about Scotland’s position in the UK, in the Union.

Try asking yourself this, for instance: if Scotland is in a Union, why is it that we need permission to leave?

So why do we? Scotland is a country in a union, so’s England. If we don’t want to be in this union, why is that we just can’t leave it?

And if asking questions like these, start to make you wonder, or think, or start something nagging you at the back of your mind, you’ll likely start to ask more questions about Scotland’s position in the Union. Like these, perhaps.

What is the Union? What actually is the UK? How come we ended up where we are? Why did Scotland join the Union anyway? What was in it for us? What’s in for us now?

If the Union is ‘precious’, as British prime ministers are fond of saying, then is it also precious to you? But it’s still a ‘union’ though. It’s not a prison. Because if it is a union, precious or otherwise, then we could just leave. But we can’t. We’re not allowed to leave. So it must be a prison then. Maybe it’s a precious prison.

But if it’s a prison, then how did the Union begin? Were we conquered by England and forced to join this union prison? No, because we all know the story about how Robert the Bruce freed our country from English rule way back in 1314.

Maybe we just walked into this union prison without a thought. But why, though? Why would we do that? Big Spain and little Portugal have been neighbours for hundreds of years, a bit like England and Scotland, and Portugal isn’t in Spain’s union prison.

So what happened to us? Why did we walk into a union prison with England in 1707? What on earth possessed us do such a thing?

Questions, questions. Are they nagging you yet?

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