Dear Scotland: contemporary views on how and why the union harms scotland

How the Public Good is replaced by the pursuit of profit

It’s said that the US Congress is the best that money can buy. Corporate cash and the revolving door between it and Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Oil, and the military industrial complex has destroyed democratic accountability. Where America goes, so goes its mini-me, the UK.

Like the US Democrats and Republicans, the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are courting and welcoming corporate money. Like puppets on a stage engaging in a faux battle to distract the public from their sameness, they’re controlled by their corporate donors. It’s why the public sector has been all but destroyed, with the NHS, the last institution of great value, in its death throes.

This is fascism, the melding of political and corporate power, where the public good is displaced by the pursuit of profit. It masquerades as populism while going about its business destroying labour unions, cracking down on dissent, stoking fear of immigrants and waging endless foreign wars to keep the people afraid and divided. It’s what happened in Weimar Germany and is now happening here.

Democratic institutions have become tools to consolidate the power and wealth of corporations and the British ruling elites, with even the state’s intelligence apparatus being deployed against its own citizens.[1]

Scotland needs to halt the merciless exploitation by corporations if it is to have a chance to build a society that provides security for all its citizens. But in order to do so it must end this faux union.


Leah Gunn Barrett

‘Scotland is not a colony’, and other myths that need cleared up

SEVERAL commentators last week [w/b 15.10.23] insisted that “Scotland is not a colony”, and that British rule over Scotland cannot be seen as colonial in nature. This bears some clearing up. On the most trivial level, ­“Scotland is not a colony” because “colony” was...

England’s Reliance on Scotland

Unionists often write that Scotland is indebted to the UK. In fact, the reverse is true. The British state's plans to use oil and gas to “power-up Britain” relies on 90% of its supply from Scotland. It's not just old energy that England steals from Scotland. A quarter...

The UK Needs Scotland

Douglas Ross giving economic advice to Scotland is lunacy. We’d be crazy to let the Tories continue their wrecking ball policies by electing even more of them in Scotland. This is the party that brought us over a decade of austerity that has gutted public services,...

The Values of the UK: Profits over People

A government should advocate for all its people and the opposition should pounce when it fails to do so. But that’s not what happens here in the dysfunctional UK. This is illustrated by Ken Loach’s last film, The Old Oak, about a working class community near Durham...

The Economic Illiteracy of Labour

Labour is economically clueless. Rachel Reeves says she’ll follow the Bank of England’s destructive interest rate policies and the Office for Budget Responsibility’s useless forecasts. Both institutions are neoliberal to the core and helped spawn the 2008 financial...