Dear Scotland: contemporary views on how and why the Union harms Scotland


The Declaration of Arbroath

The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 didn't mark the end of the wars with the English. Although Scotland had won the battle and had kicked out the English army and its king, Edward II, from Scotland, that wasn't the end of things. Far from it. Edward was seething and was...

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The Scottish Constitution

You don't think we have one? How do you think that the British State justifies its claim to a 'UK Constitution'? Because it applies a set of criteria to various English constitutional documents and legal precedents from before the union and comes up with one. When...

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The Claim of Right Act 1689

The Claim of Right Act was passed, not by the Scottish Parliament, but by the Convention of the Estates. In pre-union Scotland, the Convention of the Estates was a legislature that represented the sovereign people of Scotland. Although a legislative body, it did not...

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Act of Union with England

The Act of Union with England was the last Act of the old Scottish parliament. A similar Act, Act of Union with Scotland, was the last Act of the old English parliament. But there could be no Acts without a treaty first between the countries, an international treaty...

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The Treaty of Union

The union of Scotland and England could not be achieved with a simple act of parliament. Scotland and England were separate sovereign nation-states and to join them in a parliamentary union needed a treaty, an international treaty between the two countries. These are...

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