Let’s be a normal country. Let’s not ask. Sign the Edinburgh Proclamation


Why we don't need to ask

Think about it. Why would we have to? We’re a country in a union with another one. Why do we have to ask the other one if we can leave?

The truth is that we don’t. Our supreme sovereignty was protected  in the agreement that created the UK, the Treaty of Union of 1707. Check out the condition inserted into both the Treaty and the Acts of Union, the Claim of Right.

The Claim of Right guarantees that we’re the ones who are sovereign, not some British parliament. We are Scotland’s supreme authority. We don’t need to ask for anything. We can take.

And the British state really really doesn’t want you to find that out.

End The Union

It’s the only route to independence.

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Whit's A' This Aboot?

What is the Union? What actually is the UK? How come we ended up where we are? Why did Scotland join the Union anyway? 

And if we’re in a union, how come we need to ask permission to leave it?

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The Edinburgh Proclamation

If we want to actually be a country, then we’re going to have to do something to make it happen. What about just signing the Edinburgh Proclamation as a first step?

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