Let’s be a normal country. Let’s not ask. Sign the Edinburgh Proclamation

Why we don't need to ask

Ask yourself. Why would we have to? We’re somehow controlled by the British state? Is that it? the Scottish people are sovereign. That means that we are the supreme authority. We don’t need to ask anyone or anything. In fact it’s actually written down as part of the Union agreement that governes the union between Scotland and England. And the British state is terrified that you’ll find out.

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End The Union

It’s the only route to independence.

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The Edinburgh Proclamation

If we want to actually be a country, then we’re going to have to do something to make it happen. What about just signing the Edinburgh Proclamation as a first step?

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Whit's A' This Aboot?

What is the Union? What actually is the UK? How come we ended up where we are? Why did Scotland join the Union anyway? What’s all that about?

And how come if we’re in a Union, we need to ask permission to leave it?