we need to take back our independence

end the union

Whatever you think about the Tory Party. they are not the reason for Scotland’s predicament, so stop wasting your energy on them. They might be the enemy, but they are not the problem.

The problem is the Union. The Union of Scotland and England.

It is the Union that rips us out of the EU when we vote to stay.

It is the Union that keeps weapons of mass destruction just 40 miles from our biggest city.

It is the Union that charges Scotland huge amounts for power even though we are self-sufficient in green electricity.

It is the Union that takes all of Scotland’s revenues and charges interest on the pocket money it tosses back.

It is the Union that prevents us from taking our rightful place in the world as an independent country again.

It is time to take back our independence and end this forced, unfair, unequal and useless Union.

the union of scotland and england

the unequal union

Learn how Scotland was forced into a union with England by a mix of bribes and threats

our path to independence

ending the union

We are the people. We can End the Union and take back our independence. Here’s how.

the claim of right

scotland’s claim of right

It might be old but it’s still incredibly important even today. It is Scotland’s way out of the Union. You won’t know this however because it’s been trampled on, ignored, disregarded and hidden from Scotland by Westminster.


what about the referendum?

In 2014, Westminster “allowed” Scotland a referendum under what’s called a Section 30 order, a referendum it nearly lost. It won’t allow another


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