Dear Scotland: contemporary views on how and why the union harms scotland

A Rogue in a Parcel O’ Them

The new Scottish Labour MP Michael Shanks will speak at the Scotland in Union Burns supper later this month. Quelle surprise. 

During the by-election campaign Shanks said the constitutional debate was something ‘we have to completely ignore’ because it’s too divisive. Yet he’s voicing full-throated support for the failing union, because those are his orders from London. Scottish Labour is controlled by its English masters and if Shanks and his fellow Scots MP Ian Murray don’t fall in line with the unionist ‘better together’ lies, they can’t be members of the English Labour club with all its remunerative perks. 

As a reward for his fealty, Starmer quickly elevated Shanks to the shadow office of Scotland minister, where he’ll do everything in his power to keep Scotland imprisoned while collecting his fat parliamentary salary. 

Shanks has probably not reflected on the irony of speaking at a Burns supper. Robbie Burns would call Shanks and his motley crew out for what they are – a parcel of careerist rogues, selling out Scotland for English gold. 

Leah Gunn Barrett

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