Dear Scotland: contemporary views on how and why the union harms scotland

Sovereignty resides with the Scottish people and always has

WHY is the Scottish government failing to comply with the expressed sovereign will of the people of Scotland?

The Scottish Parliament was not abolished in 1707, it merely stopped sitting. Since the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, sovereignty has resided with the people and the recall of the (fully empowered) Scottish Parliament is solely a decision for the Scottish people.

The recall of the Scottish Parliament in compliance with the wishes of the Scottish people is constitutionally correct and its legitimacy is unchallengeable in any court in the land. Nor do the terms of the Treaty of Union indicate anywhere that the recall of the Scottish Parliament has to be organised or sanctioned by Westminster.

Scotland’s right to self-determination is upheld by Scottish constitutional law and supported by international law. Scotland does not require permission, from any organisation outside our own country, to recall our parliament. Nor do we need another referendum, for the will of the people has been adequately expressed in multiple mandates.

Westminster does not have the constitutional authority to counter the expressed will of the Scottish people. There was no union of the national parliaments of Scotland and England under the Acts in 1706 and the 1707 Treaty of Union.

Robert Ingram

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